Latest news for Coronavirus

Latest news for Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia partly lifts curfew; Germans oppose lockdown

As Saturday's global coronavirus death toll reached 200,000, countries took tentative measures to ease the lockdowns placed in the wake of the pandemic, but concerns of a rise in infections left certain outbreak-wound businesses hesitant to reopen.

Saudi Arabia partially lifts curfew: King Salman of Saudi Arabia gave an order that the curfew is partly lifted in all regions of the country, to begin from 9 a.m. From Sunday to Wednesday, May 13, at 5 p.m., even in Mecca and formerly segregated communities, a 24-hour curfew is maintained. The order also authorized the opening of some commercial and economic operations.

Spain eases restrictions: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez declared that Spaniards would be permitted to exit their homes for quick walks and exercise from May 2 after seven weeks of tight domestic isolation, while he said: "full caution will be our rule." Children in Spain will get their first fresh air in weeks when a restriction on allowing them out is eased from Sunday onward.
Latest news for Coronavirus

Germans protest against lockdown: German police arrested tons of protesters in Berlin for violating the lockdown policies against coronavirus. Around 1,000 people turned out in the German capital for the protest, which has become a weekly occurrence. The website of the protest organizers called for "an end to the emergency state" and played down the virus threat.

French PM's attempt to unwind the lockdown of coronavirus: French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will introduce to parliament on Tuesday the government's proposal to unwind the country's coronavirus lockdown, accompanied by a discussion and vote, his office said in a statement. The lockdown imposed by President Emmanuel Macron has been in effect since March 17 to limit the transmission of the virus and is expected to be removed on May 11.