Lockdown COVID-19: These countries found unexpected things important.

Lockdown COVID-19: These countries found unexpected things 'important.' Read more here

With countries worldwide imposing lockdown in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, only essential services are allowed to remain operational for a fixed number of hours during the period. 
Although medicines and the provision of milk are deemed vital facilities, a few countries have dubbed wine shops, gun shops, candy shops and even pot stores as necessary and have given them an exemption to stay accessible.

Here are some unexpected resources which in the midst of the lockout were deemed necessary around the world.


In India, the IT sector has been listed as an essential service to hold the networks that are crucial for the smooth running of banking, connectivity and governance. IT and IT-enabled services will start research from April 20 with a 50 percent power. In comparison to the IT industry, drug shops, food stores and vegetable markets tend to run, meeting stringent social distancing requirements.


France is known for its cuisine and its vast selection of wine and cheese. Both wine retailers and cheese stores, known as vital facilities, manage to provide facilities to consumers despite the lockdown. In addition to these, waivers were issued for some candy stores, butchers and bakeries.
Lockdown COVID-19: These countries found unexpected things important.

United States of America

A number of weapons shops in the United States were permitted to stay operating as part of vital resources after the Trump administration issued a series of rules that listed guns as critical services. In fact, dispensaries offering medicinal and recreational products are permitted to stay open in states where it is legal to possess such products.


Throughout Australia, drug shops have been permitted to distribute liquor to consumers, even though bars and pubs throughout the world have lowered their shutters. While most toy shops have been discontinued, a few of them are still open to a small number of customers, while children across the country will have to stay home for the coming months.


Trikes or tricycles were listed as critical facilities outside the main island of the nation, Luzon amid a political storm. Under the face of prohibition, the country's president has banned all public transport. However, in Manila, the trikes are used for travel by health care employees.